Paris Saint-Germain celebrates Hari Kartini with a special artwork made by a female artist

Commemorating Hari Kartini (national women’s empowerment day in Indonesia, celebrated every 21 April), PSG – Paris Saint-Germain Indonesia’s Twitter account posts a special artwork made by Sekar Bestari — a young and aspiring female artist based in Yogyakarta.

The artwork depicting Nadia Nadim, a PSG Féminine player, who inspire football with her story from childhood in Afghanistan until now becomes a Danish football team star player. She wears “kebaya” contains “kutu baru” top and “kain batik” bottom. Sekar interprets wearing “kebaya” as a symbol of women’s strength in all disadvantages they might face.

Nadia holds a ball that symbolizes a dream, in her case is football. The Lotus flower is a symbol of wisdom and education. The spark of light in the background represents the famous line from Kartini’s letter, “Habis Gelap Terbitlah Terang” (“Through Darkness to Light”). They are the spirit that Kartini carries to this day.

Nadia with PSG Féminine faces the Women’s Champions League semi-final against Barcelona this weekend. They are on their way to win the tournament for the first time in history.

Unfortunately, women’s football in Indonesia has been on a hiatus for more than a year.

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